Cannabis and Hemp grow automation tools

Grow consistent cannabis and hemp by utilizing SproutPro, the most flexible way to monitor and automate your grow operation on the market. Seed-to-sale software build by cannabis professionals for the cannabis and hemp industry.

Automate your cannabis farming with SproutPro's month-to-month plans. We offer flexible pricing solutions that work for all levels of grow operations.

All Customer support is US based and ready to help you. We also only employ knowledgeable people in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD space.

No long-term contracts. If you don't think SproutPro is the best solution for your cannabis and hemp farm, we welcome you to try our competition.

You need seed-to-sale software that offers flexibility. Our devices, apps, and cloud system can be deployed on almost any device. We secure all data with bank level security.

sprout Pro

Sprout Pro is a flexible seed-to-sale software for the cannabis and hemp market. We don’t just provide seed-to-sale software we offer a complete automation platform that brings all your grow data together into one easy to see place. Make decisions faster, based on real time data on your grow operation. Get the facts so you can grow better, deliver fast, and make your customers happy when they get the product delivered and sold. 

Extendable Seed-to-Sale Cannabis Software & Apps

Multiple Dashboards

Customize multiple cannabis apps dashboards to show the insights you need at a glance. Gather cannabis data from many SproutPro sensors in one place. Create custom alerts so you can correct an issue before it happens.

Notes, Trends & Reporting

View your cannabis and hemp data your way. Focus in on a specific dates, times, sensors, or places in the cannabis greenhouse. Add notes to your data so other know what is going on. View trends over time. Export your reports in multiple formats that integrate with other software, apps, and systems. Finally seed-to-sale software that you can count on for your cannabis software.


SproutPro aims to work industry leading companies, organizations, and people in the cannabis and hemp space. Check out partners page to see all of cannabis industry partners.

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Custom Consulting or Configuration

Out of the box, SproutPro is highly customizable. If you have more complex integrations or need on-site advice, let us know below.

Precise, Easy, Accurate

SproutPro works with any existing devices. It can Sync everything in one place. Cancel your SproutPro plan at anytime, no penalties.

Made proudly in Baltimore, MD