SproutPro is a flexible, secure, and complete software solution that is designed to automated your entire supply chain. Commonly known as “seed-to-sale” software our unique platform is different. SproutPro is built to accommodate changes and preferences of individual grow operations, processors, and dispensaries. Sync your existing devices with the SproutPro platform, or develop an entirely new system using our apps.

No matter how you choose to build your cannabis, hemp, marijuana, etc. supply chain we bring all your data together into one place. This allows you to make decisions faster based on many factors. Our easy to configure dashboards and devices give you accurate information that reduces the risk of costly mishaps so you can yield more crops, and better profit.

Adam Yamada-Hanff

SproutPro is designed and built by Adam Yamada-Hanff.

Adam has aprofessional digital background that consists of experience in a wide range of areas. This includes being a SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) specialist along with software development. Adam also has industry experience within the cannabis space specifically working at one of the most well respected liquid filling equipment companies in the world. His knowledge of filling CBD oils, tinctures, cannabis creams, etc. is unmatched. Ask him about filling CBD and he could talk your head off.

His constant connections and talks with growers and processors made him understand the deficits in the current software market. Having built many fun apps and programs he decided to test SproutPro among friends in the industry. The results came back all positive and they encouraged him to start his own business.

With SEO, he dances with search engines and plays with keywords to help put clients at the top of search engines (mainly Google). With PPC, he lifts revenue & ad clicks while dropping ad spend. What some people view as the magic of digital marketing Adam views as simple.

Aside from marketing and software development, Adam is also a well-respected automotive writer and editor having co-founded the car news magazine, CarNewsCafe.com. Combining his interests of writing and being a “gearhead,” working on CarNewsCafe.com is a great fit. He is a member of the International Motor Press Assocation (IMPA). Adam is under the impression that television was invented to broadcast Top Gear and South Park. He also likely will never get over a hobby of looking at cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles he does not have the money, room, or time for.