Profitable environmental automation begins with accurate data collection. Our flexible software helps you gather, organize and display the data from all your devices so you can make better decisions faster.

Custom Alerts
Create and set your own alerts. Get notified when sensors detect out of range with push notifications sent to SMS, email or the app.

Solo or Teams
Manage data on your own or share with your team. Customize multiple user roles to assign access levels and alerts to your team.

Beyond Secure
We help protect your investment and your data. All our devices, sensors and plug-ins use Enterprise level security components.

Versatile Platform

You’re not locked in to only our devices or a limited set of sensors.
Add your own sensors to our platform. Connect to third party apps. Enjoy greater automation capabilities with more context and accuracy than otherwise possible.

Powerful Dashboards

You can create your own dashboards to collect and view your data any way you want. Access and notate your data, including camera images, from the past 6 to 24 months.